Buy Together. Buy SMART.




Buy Together. Buy SMART.



Why Smartbak App

Smartbak is a great place to network and connect with other peoples that want to buy the same items as you want. You can share your buying groups with all social media account such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and create bigger groups to get better prices!


How It Works ?

We’re glad you asked. It’s actually very, very simple. We’re providing you with the new-age opportunity to connect to buyers and sellers around the world, pooling your funds and securing the products you want the most – at the most competitive prices.


Search for the products that make you tick. Need a new stroller? Handbag? Hairdryer? Golf club? Whatever you need, just make sure you know what it is before going further.


Simply log on to the SmartBak app, and create your “Buying Ticket”. This will contain all of the information and data on your desired product.


Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! You can finally go ahead and create your group. All the other people who have downloaded the app will be able to search for your group, joining it if they are also interested in the product you’ve got your eyes on.


Our intuitive chat functions allow you to make your plans in the group with ease, finalizing the details to perfection.


Sellers will now be able to identify groups whose needs they can satisfy, making offers to win their interest. In our world, sellers fight over buyers. NOT the other way around!


The group can easily take their pick, selecting the most attractive offer for the highest-quality product. All members are assigned their very own information panel, where they can view all details of their deal with one glance.

Wanna see how it works?

Let’s go!


The buyers in the group can then go on to make a 100% secure payment using our intuitive, safe payment portal within the GRUPER app (this is the only way to make a payment in the SmartBak universe) All buyers will be able to contact the seller at any time, tracking their purchase for ongoing peace of mind.


And that’s it! All buyers will receive their items, allowing the rest (as they say) to be history! Which is actually just the beginning of a thriving community in the generation set to change the way we see buying and selling – forever.


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About Us

We live in a world where buyers constantly fight over products, declaring war to get what they want before anyone else snatches it up. Just look at the way taxi cabs used to be; with people climbing over each other to be the first to hail one. People indulging in a slow-motion race to get their hands on the last pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses at a Summer Sale.

However, things are changing. People are starting to embrace social-friendly savings, and we couldn’t be more excited to be at the forefront of the online shopping revolution. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re SmartBak, and we believe that it’s cheaper to buy together. We’re igniting a new, more affordable shopping experience, where what you buy isn’t just for you. It’s for everyone willing to chip in to get a taste of it!

From electronics to gardening equipment, toys and beyond, you can get it all for a price you’ve only ever dreamed of. Sharing is caring after all, and we have a vision of creating a world where SELLERS fight over BUYERS…and NOT vice versa a second longer.

We’re not just talking about physical goods. Imagine pooling funds with fellow travel enthusiasts, and embarking on a joint venture where you can do MORE with the money you have? In our minds, life is all about teamwork. As they saying goes: “Alone we can do so little. But together, we can do so much.”

So what are you waiting for? Endless savings are just a few clicks away. Download the SmartBak app today to get started. Why not share it with your friends and family too? The possibilities are limitless, thanks to SmartBak. Cause it’s cheaper to buy together.



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